One month to detect colorectal cancer in OR

One month to detect colorectal cancer in OR

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Ahead of Pink October, a month dedicated to the fight against breast cancer, another color was available on another Wednesday at Jessore Hospital.

A colorectal cancer prevention day was organized with the aim of alerting people to the correct procedures for early detection.

Many speakers specialized in this issue attended to answer questions and provide their expertise in this disease.

Among the personalities present, we will remember Virginie Jobin, representative of the League Against Cancer, Angel Delaplace, District Councilor of Itrepani Gisors, and Jessica Letellier, Executive Director of Work Health at Gisors Hospital. The association “Agir pour Becquerel” was also present on this Prevention Day.


It is a measure that acquires greater importance given that, according to statistics, one in every thirty people in France, men and women, are at risk of developing colon cancer during their lives. It is the second leading cause of cancer deaths.

Certain risk factors exist and can be treated individually, for example by limiting alcohol consumption or stopping smoking.

Among the tips provided also include regular physical activity and a balanced diet to combat overweight and obesity.

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Early detection

Health professionals recommend a screening test every two years between the ages of 50 and 74.

The message is automatically sent to the relevant people.

In addition, at any age, if certain symptoms appear, people are invited to consult quickly.

This structured examination is the most reliable way to identify benign lesions before they develop into cancer or to detect cancer at an early stage.

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It saves thousands of lives every year. However, only 34.6% of those concerned would consider screening.

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