Olive trees are in survival mode in Spain and Portugal. Soon in France?

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For several months, Europe has been experiencing severe climatic conditions. The drought First, to which extreme temperatures were added. Some regions of Portugal and Spain more As dry as it was 1000 years ago. World Health Organization (Who is the) announced a few days ago that the heat Killed about 1,700 people in the Iberian Peninsula!

Economically, too, the situation is worrying. Olive trees, although adapted to a hot and dry climate, suffer. temperature and severe dryness Those who ruled the region for several months did not cause their own death. But to protect themselves, the olive trees activated a defense system. They are no longer producing.

Olive cultivation in Spain threatens global warming

exportsolive oilFor Spain, this is no less than a revenue of about 3.6 billion euros per year – not counting the tourism activity that the sector generates. However, professionals expect a crop this year that will not exceed 20% of the usual. on non-irrigated lands. In other cases, the yield can reach 50-60% of the average. But according to the local farmers’ union, only 30% of Earth Olive trees are irrigated in Spain.

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It is impossible to imagine more watering. Because everyone lacks water. Reservoirs, which are fed by the Guadalquivir River which traditionally providesAndalus 30% of its capacity. Some only reach 10%. And even if it rains, the earth today looks so dry and hot that it would have a lot of trouble absorbing this water from the sky. The only option to preserve the appearance of the crop is to pick the olives before ripening. at the expense of quality.

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