music. Portuguese smuggler on Saturday in Strasbourg

music.  Portuguese smuggler on Saturday in Strasbourg

The links between love music and Sintese are old and close: before touring through Castelo Branco and Coimbra (November 3 and 5), the Strasbourg group invited members of the Grupo de Musica Contemporanea to a landmark literary concert, because it is about the figure of José Saramago (1922-2010) whose writings fascinate, Which was characterized, in his words, by “chaotic syntax, absence of a final period, obsessive deletion of paragraphs, erroneous use of commas, and sin without forgiveness.” , the deliberate and diabolical abolition of the capital letter. »

An unknown continent

This is the opportunity to explore the unknown continent of sound, because “one of the characteristics of the band is to work mainly with Portuguese composers, many of whom are connected to the classical tradition,” sums up clarinetist Adam Starkey, who ensures the artistic direction of Love’s music. The two teams play together Reconstructed numbers (2023), a new spatial work by Hugo Vasco Reis “based on field recordings made by the composer in his hometown, near Porto, essentially natural sounds like the flow of a river, which unfolds in the cross-cutting versions of the game.”

As for the rest, singer Helena Neves’ voice intertwines with accordion, saxophone and strings in three pieces commissioned by Sintese for the centenary of the Nobel Prize in 2022. Possible poems By Thiago Derrica, based on texts taken from Poems are possible tonal influences can be observed, as Carlos Azevedo plays with verses from Aux Dieux Sans Faithful in the piece of the same name: This week Fiéis Full of harmonic and rhythmic surprises with subtle jazz influences. Finally, Branko, Branko, Branko… by Carlos Maricos is a dive into the depths of the human soul in its darkest parts, with the famous novel as its backbone. blindness, Who imagines an epidemic of blindness hitting an entire country?

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Saturday, October 28 at 4 pm in the hall of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Strasbourg. free entry.

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