Mo: The opening. A second artificial football field at the Alberto Corazza Stadium!

Mo: The opening.  A second artificial football field at the Alberto Corazza Stadium!

Mo, sports facilities in the four corners of the city. When we get close Olympic and Paralympic Games From 2024 (Paris), Mo I quickly got into gaming colors. how ? By investing heavily in sports equipment. After opening Hauts-de-Chanterinthere René Bazin Street (near Stade du Spectrum), Parc Chenonceau facilities and Municipal Survey Louis Braille… it is in Alberto Corazza Stadium Where the municipality team met to unveil: a second artificial football field. Do you exercise year round? It’s possible in Mo!

At the entrance to the Alberto Corazza Stadium, nothing has changed. As we gradually move forward, we pass The three grassy fieldsAlready busy…before discovery Second artificial football field. And surprise! My players CS Mo Football They are already at work… under the eyes of a rather proud mayor. ” Very happy that this is an artificial field, I have wanted to have it for a very long time. I wanted it to be as modern as possible…and it is! We have a great artificial floor. We were very fortunate, the state and the district, they helped us fund it. » There is a professional football field Amphitheater with 162 seats and two three-seater areas for people with limited mobility.

  • Anecdotally, the platform is made of recycled materials by a local company (old transport containers). The artificial football field was inaugurated on Saturday, October 7, 2023.

Alberto Corazza Stadium, a breeding ground for young talent. To play football all year round and all day long (with LED lighting), the players were especially waiting for the second artificial pitch. ” Corazza Stadium is located in Ile-de-France: The most beautiful sports plain for football. I got it from the different presidents of the Ile-de-France Football Association. We wanted footballIt is one of the most important basic sports for children and adults. can develop In the best conditions. » If football fans have already set foot on artificial turf… they won’t be the only ones who can enjoy it. ” In the spirit of Jean-François Coupe… here at Meaux, sport is for everyone! There is no exclusivity, it is truly a sport for everyone. Regarding the football field, There are many sports federations that have access On the ground. The logical base is the CS Meaux Football Academy. In addition, you have other activities: Portuguese club Mo, Ipingo clubVery interesting club. » A schedule has been implemented to facilitate access to the land for all Mildwas associations.

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We are fortunate to have a very dynamic sports community, and we do our best to help them ! »

An artificial football field designed according to the best environmental standards. This latest generation equipment is more modern and more environmentally friendly, including: Artificial turf made with organic cork additive (no rubber). ” We considered that we must support the entire sporting world, Financing more than 2,200 sports facilities. memory, We have already funded 8 in MO. We still have four or five more files. We can clearly see that with Jean-François Coupe, Meaux became a sports city. » Why is the region cautious about restricting artificial pitches? ” Today, artificial fields are being built with the support of the region, They benefit from the most protective standards in the world. We have toxicity analyzes done every year, including the first time, when we start playing Check heavy metal toxicity and PAH levels (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons). » In Ile-de-France, the PAH level cannot exceed 16 milligrams per kilo. The Ile-de-France region is showing its ambition to bring exercise into all homes. ” Ile-de-France also advocates for healthcare, and it is important to address this issue. You have to be very strict, we are talking about children! Regarding this question, we had to be strict. I’m sorry that we are the only ones who wear this device to play rugby and football. ” Confirms Patrick Karam.

Under what conditions does the Ile-de-France region support municipalities? Depending on the needs of communities, the Regional Council provides several forms of assistance. ” There must be a resident club. So that children can enjoy the values ​​and spirit of sports, There must be teachers, rulers and leaders. In 2022, we trained more than 130,000 people. For us, we know that exercise is healing. Sports are the solution. » With the Olympics and Paralympics approaching? Is Mo City on the right track? ” Mo is an example for me. I see how many facilities are constantly being renovated, built or rebuilt. Mayor Mo has a real sports policy. » When it comes to financing or subsidies, some municipalities do not play at the same level. ” The Ile-de-France region is the second largest funder of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, after the country and before the city of Paris.. » A situation previously considered unacceptable Patrick Karam.

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Are there other needs at Alberto Corazza Stadium?There is space… We can still have the ambition to improve. Sports is life ! » Do you have any wishes? Feel free to write to the Sports Department: [email protected]. While waiting, players have fun The three grass courts and the artificial courts. ” The little Mildews form teams, and they are so excited to be happy…it’s nice to see ! “She has fun Jean-François Coupe.

As a reminder, the city will host the Olympic Torch in July 2024. So… let’s all wear the colors of the Games!

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