Marbish. Science and Geography in Discovery Class Program

Marbish.  Science and Geography in Discovery Class Program

Pupils of CE2 and CM2 classes, accompanied by teachers and three parents, went to a week-long discovery class at the ODCVL center “La maison d’ici”, located in Les Voivres, Vosges village near Epinal.

This residency corresponds to the educational goals of teachers with two subjects to work on in the programme: science and geography.

Land art in the woods

Thus, the children participated in fishing, got to know the birds of our area, built pontoon boats with recycled materials, collected and observed small animals for the stream using landing nets, and did land art in the forest. , and participate in the great game guidance, observe the landscape, local flora and fauna, signs of life traces, etc.

The sun was in the game the entire stay, and the outdoor activities were numerous. Children benefited from the large green land, which is the city playground to enjoy their free time. A little walk was to be taken every day to the pond called Lallemand, in the heart of the forest.

Two activities per day were supervised by a facilitator, and the day of the short class ended.

The vigils were a moment the students were eagerly awaiting. Astronomy, campfire and mythology were discussed during these happy evenings.

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