Innovation: Finally a laptop with a transparent screen that breaks new ground in computing

Innovation: Finally a laptop with a transparent screen that breaks new ground in computing

At MWC 2024, a concept attracts attention on the Lenovo stand. This is a laptop with a transparent screen. It also lacks a physical keyboard.

It is one of the star concepts of MWC 2024 in Barcelona and is presented on the stand of the manufacturer Lenovo. Equipped with a screen capable of being completely transparent, and ThinkBook laptop with transparent screen It is designed to be able to work in being Where the content created by Amnesty International You will integrate into the real world. The desired effect is slightly similar to that offered by a mixed reality headset VisionPro toapple. Thus, in addition to seeing what is happening behind the screen, the user will be able to mix virtual elements with those in front of him. This screen measures 17.3 inches diagonally and is displayed using micro-Drove.

there Transparency On screen is nothing new. It is used commercially to display advertisements on it Windows Vehicles in transportation or companies. It was also found several years ago TVs Very high end. But with Lenovo's concept, this Transparency It has real benefit in giving a new dimension to computer use in preparation for future artificial intelligence and its participation in augmented reality.

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The other surprising element about this computer is the keyboard, or rather the lack thereof. Instead, there's a touchscreen that acts as a virtual keyboard. Practical to convert keyboard to Drawing tablet With a pen, for example. As always, there's no telling whether or not this concept will turn into a production model, but Lenovo's vision could be a promising avenue.

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Our readers love it too

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