He rushes his electric bike on the road at a speed of more than … 100 km / h!

He rushes his electric bike on the road at a speed of more than … 100 km / h!

In Portugal, a person was photographed riding an electric scooter in the city at a speed of more than 100 km / h.

The scene happened a few days ago to Portugal, on the famous National Route 6 that connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Tagus, in the Lisbon region. A motorcyclist captured the scene in a video that was then posted on social networks.

We see a man in a helmet on an electric bike, accelerating. The biker tries to chase after him, and he reaches his climax when he Exceeds 100 km/h. It should be noted that this route is usually limited to 50 km / h … The driver of the scooter is not recognized because it does not have license plates.

There are many violations in electric scooters

In the last years , electric bikes The streets of the Portuguese capital have conquered: there are more than 10,000 self-service copies in the fleets of operators (Bird, Lime, Bolt, etc.), not counting those belonging to users. As in many large European cities, they are not unanimous.

In fact, locals point out their danger, especially when they are not used in accordance with the Highway Code. In fact, there are few bike lanes in the streets of Lisbon and users of electric scooters Traveling on roads and sidewalksThis increases the risk of collision with pedestrians and other vehicles.

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The law was not respected

As in our area, the use of electric scooters is strict framed by lawThey are subject to the Highway Code. In particular, they are prohibited from driving on sidewalks, and their users must respect speed limits.

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In practice, the speed of the electric scooter is Limited to 25 km/hbut many users “increase” the loading power, like the protagonist in this video who exceeds the maximum speed by 4 times … A fine of 60 to 300 eurosin order to Illegal modification of his car.

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