Football: The Portuguese hooked by Saint-Maximin

Football: The Portuguese hooked by Saint-Maximin

At the end of a difficult match, as expected, the Portuguese Porto from Amiens managed to maintain a 0-0 draw.

But the beginning is very complicated for Amiens sufferers. Saint-Maximin has a few chances (7′, 11′) but doesn’t really benefit from this dominance. Benoît Sturbois’ men recovered somewhat in the last 20 minutes of this first action by pushing the Isarians a little further into their camp, but without ever being dangerous. Visitors even have one last huge chance to end in a stick (45′ + 2). After the end of the first half to forget the Portuguese are still in the game, 0-0.

The Samaritans adapt better in the second half, holding the ball and getting few chances (55′, 70). However, they are much less numerous than usual and do not fly. And again, even Saint-Maximinois has a great chance to kill the game in overtime (90′ + 4). But the result remains there and this bad He does the work of the Portuguese, and they are still leaders by the same margin due to the status quo between the contenders for ascent.

FC Porto Amiens – USA Saint-Maximin : 0-0 (0-0)

Portuguese club Porto Amiens : Gningue – Idez, Seguenebou, Ameur, Wable (Devauchelle 82′), Siradjidini – Cupelle, Facquier (Piim 40′) – Despois – Renold (Poidevin 68′), Da Veiga

American Saint-Maximin : Johir – Bouaziz (Samora 64), Pinto, Leclench, Aguaou – Gutiam (Gadeo 74′), Fouqui – Lefebvre (Roger 46′), Pozzuolo, Remmash – Makevik

Morgan Schumer
Photo credit: Reynald Valleron – Sports Gazette

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