Football: The Portuguese go to the tongs

Football: The Portuguese go to the tongs

While shone less than usual, the Portuguese club Porto from Amiens still seeks to qualify in the 1/8 final of the Coupe des Hauts-de-France on the reserve lawn of Feignies Aulnoye, on penalties, 12-13, after a draw 0-0 .

Each half of his time. Significantly reduced by 7 absences, however, it is the visitors who, on points, present themselves first to make big stands for it. Reynolds (10′), Eddy (20′) f Bin Hajj (37 ‘), each time well placed at the level of 6 metres, but poorly negotiated. In contrast, there is one chance that Gningue (40′) shoots. But in the second half, it’s still 0-0.

The opposite scenario in the second half where Demba Jenning Finésian burns and gets chances (48′, 55′, 60′, 70′, 85′), while the Portuguese can only boast of trying. da vega. But even so, the shots on goal are the justice of the peace of the game. An extended session where goalkeepers are forced to shoot, the Portuguese first failing to finish after a locals first fail and then finally where sissy gives a coup d’état after Gningue’s final show, 12-13.

Few expectations, some satisfaction, a black spot

If the game is a bit exhaustedWe had a little problem with the automation. In light of the significant change in the workforce, he admits Benoit storboa – The coach of the Picards who is no match for this competition Not a priority at all.”is the content Displayed state of mind. » A qualification makes it possible to stay on ” series “ positive.

And too bad if he has to add an extra game later in the season. “This allows rotate workforce “, he argues. Recently, The only downside is Jonathan Isambart rib injury » which has been added to a busy dispensary, while waiting to learn more.

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Entente Feignies Aulnoye FC (M) (R2) – FC Porto Portuguese Amiens (R2) : 0-0 (0-0); 12-13 tab

FC Porto Portuguese from Amiens: Gningue – Ribeiro, Wable, Njamen, Foucault (Cissé 46 ′) – Facquier, Cupelle – Da Veiga, Isambart (Ben Hadj 27 ′), Piim – Reynold

Morgan Schumer
Photo credit: Eva Daubenton – Sports Gazette (archive)

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