Football – Regional 3: In Bordes, three points are due to the Portuguese from Pau

Football – Regional 3: In Bordes, three points are due to the Portuguese from Pau

From the start, Jérôme Launay’s men showed that they were sharper and technically superior. They took control and won a free kick from 25 metres. He was hit hard under the crossbar by Bruno Ferreira Alves, guilty of a hand foul, and Rio recovered the ball into the net (0-1, 6).

Despite the state of the field, the Green Team produced some impressive moves led by the breathtaking Magomadov. Short passes, long passes and swerving plays make local defenders dizzy. After 30 minutes of play, some space became available on the left flank for the Lusitanian team, but the Riberois attackers did not exploit it.

Ryo avoids shipwreck

The second half is a copy and paste of the first half, although its intensity is reduced. Rieau remains in high demand (60, 63, 70, 77). He amazingly and effectively averted disaster in La Ripere, who did not score a single shot in the match. A minor quarrel occurred during the 9 minutes of stoppage time, without seriousness. Lartigue wastes one last chance for the visitors (95), then the referee blows the whistle for the end of the match in the rain. There is euphoria in the Lusitanians locker room.

Question: Who will stop the Portuguese’s huge positive spiral in Pau?

Technical certificate

La Repair: 0 Played: Rio; Svalli, Maxence Barbie, Pio Tavernaberi, Vicente Marceline; Andoni Tavernaberi (Cap), Barratts, Quentin Morand; Karaz, Michaud, Jordan Morand. Entry: Jantin, Tekotov, Castellon. Coach: Thierry Barbie Pau Portuguese: 1 Player: Betate (Cap); Pereira da Silva, De Almeida, Tomás Ferreira Alves, Bruno Ferreira Alves; Magomadov, Lartigue, Aznar; Gouveia, Ruben de Carmo, Mateo Francisco. Entered: Román Francisco, Benjamin do Carmo, Do Cotto. Coach: Jérôme Launay N Bordais (Stade Józef Szynloski): First half 0-1. humid weather. Fatty grass. 150 spectators. Referee: Louis St-Pierre. Goal for Pau’s Portuguese: Bruno Ferreira Alves (6th place) Bookings: Andoni Tavernaberi (48th place) Pio Tavernaberi (92nd place) Vicente Marcellin (96th place) for Laribier. Tomas Ferreira Alves (76) Gouveia (96) for the Portuguese Pau.

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