Fire science in the service of fire safety

Fire science in the service of fire safety

In 2023, firefighters carried out nearly 300,000 fire interventions in residential, industrial or commercial buildings. This is a big deal. The flame is uncertainty. The spark has disturbing secrets. Fortunately, there is science that tames this unknown. Fire Science, which serves construction stakeholders, operators and safety committees. Daniel Guyot, President of Efectis Group, enlightens us…

Mastering fire through the sense of innovation

In the event of a fire, will this fire door be effective? Is the system adequate? How will the material behave? 3D modeling! Efectis reproduces a small piece of the world, virtually, and moves away from reality to return to it better. With more confidence. If necessary, we will perform physical tests. What matters is accuracy. Yes, there is indeed a science of fire. It is an experimental science that advances in the incidents mentioned here and there. It is also a responsible science, embracing regulatory developments. impact He is undoubtedly its best promoter. His mission? Evaluating the fire-fighting performance and certifying building products in France, the Netherlands, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

And at its head is Danielle Guyot. Not only does the man keep the flame of a pioneering company alive, he is also an expert at the Paris Court of Appeal. Causes, consequences and responsibilities: After the fire directs justice. At Efectis, its teams examine the fire performance of building products, especially with regard to CE marking compliance, systems (grouping several products together, such as a facade where each element plays a specific role), and the business as a whole. Each component must meet the most stringent safety requirements.

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Be a guarantor in all cases

The current regulatory context, although necessary, may seem particularly highly developed and complex. Daniel Guyot calls for the development of safety standards with new construction technologies and materials. However, regulatory texts struggle to adapt to changes. Efectis therefore offers fire safety engineering alternatives and tools to address these challenges. It is sufficient to ensure flexibility and accuracy of assessments in real conditions. Every building must be able to provide an optimum level of security against fire risks.

As a certification body, Efectis ensures compliance with European and international standards. Efectis, which has been approved by the Ministry of the Interior for more than fifty years in France, works on a wide range of projects, including critical infrastructure, such as transportation facilities and even nuclear power plants. The group's participation in the Flamanville EPR project is highly symbolic in this regard. In this context, Efectis is certified according to ISO 19443. Knowledge of nuclear safety issues is required once intervention in a safety-critical facility, such as sector zoning elements. .

It would be difficult to list the iconic projects that made Effectis successful. There is no doubt that the Louis Vuitton Foundation is an eloquent example of this. The mix of materials used in the design of the building, and this complexity in separating the interior from the exterior, raised a number of issues in terms of fire safety. Ictis mission? Helping the project owner and participating companies use compatible and effective solutions. success.

We always go the extra mile in analyzing constructive details and understanding phenomena to ensure we can control them as much as possible.

Daniel Guyot, President of Effectis Group

Ongoing challenges to fire safety

Despite all the progress, the number of fires remains high. There are several factors that explain this phenomenon. First, economic reasons: building owners and operators may be reluctant to invest in expensive improvements. Then, products and operating methods change more quickly than legal texts. Finally, it is important to note that fires cannot always be controlled, despite the best prevention measures.

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Faced with this observation, Effectis is carrying out tests on energy storage systems, for example, or on the transport and use of hydrogen, to understand and anticipate new risks. The fascination and anxiety about fire remains, reminding us of the importance of humility in the face of the unpredictable. It should be noted, in this regard, that Efectis does not limit itself to evaluating and certifying products. The company is also committed to education and training. Many of the group's engineers have university experience and are actively involved in training programmes.

On 29 May 2024, Efectis Group reorganized its capital with the entry of the France Nucléaire and Bpifrance funds, allowing the management team to access capital and marking the exit of the Dutch FDI fund. An operation aimed at supporting the Group in its continued development in France and internationally.

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