The France-Portugal 2022 season celebrates the creative dynamism of these two countries

The cultural programs aim to honor the links between France and Portugal, and around 200 art projects are being presented this year as part of France and Portugal season 2022.

Emmanuel DeMarcy Motta, president of the France-Portugal 2022 season, reminds us of the primary mission of this “season”. These two countries have a common past, a very strong, cultural, but also friendly, relationship, also associated with the period of the dictatorship, and there were many Portuguese exiles in France, “ He indicates. “Today in 2022, this ‘season’, with more than 50 cities in Portugal and 80 cities in France, has made it possible to see where we are: it is an extraordinary moment,” congratulates himself.

“Dance with Difference”

Among the highlights of this “season”, the Théâtre de la Ville – les Apses in Paris has hosted several performances of a great show in more than one way: “Doesdicon / Blasons”, the fruit of Collaboration between choreographers François Chaynaud and Tania CarvalhoIt is carried by the dancers of the Portuguese company Dançando com a Diferença (Dance with Difference).

“It’s an inclusive company – some people have disabilities, some don’t – but they are professionals,” Tania Carvalho says: “The challenge I face has been the same when I work with other companies: it’s about using each artist with what they have and that’s what I do with everyone, everyone is different, everyone has their own abilities or handicap, indicate. “In this specific case, I found them to be very inspiring, they are very creative by nature,” she believes.

Artistic creativity in the apartment

While this piece was also introduced as part of Autumn Festival in ParisAnother creative event was also organized under the auspices of this event and the France Portugal 2022 season.

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It is ‘“Room in the City”an installation to be discovered at the Arts Center in Paris until November 12, where Anna Gutta Recreates an intimate space in an apartment on the verge of demolition.

“In general I do not like to show, especially after several years of work, I do not like to show in galleries,” The artist tells us. “Then I have this possibility, I live in an apartment that I have furnished and decorated”, She adds. “That’s what I’ve done here for Une chambre en ville, I’ve had the opportunity to do it: it’s something I love,” Says.

Portuguese theater and cinema dominate Paris

This exceptional moment is also an opportunity for creators from one country to present their shows in another, such as Thiago Rodriguezthe new director of the Avignon Festival, who has presented several of his plays in France during this “season”, also in the framework of the Festival Automé, including “Catarina and Belleza de Matar Al Faciasta” (“Catarina and the Beauty of Killing Fascists”) at the Bouffes du Nord in Paris.

In terms of cinema, the season also offers the opportunity to discover or rediscover New talents like the Cinémathèque française in Paris The Portuguese director, Sofia Post, was invited.

“my movie [“Dia de Festa”] Part of a selection of short films by young Portuguese directors: this is a great opportunity to showcase the new Portuguese cinema, “ get excited young director.

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