Europa League: Montpellier will be satisfied

Europa League: Montpellier will be satisfied

In the quarter-finals of the only European League in which a German club did not participate, Montpellier was under scrutiny on Tuesday evening in Portugal (32-32) on the Sporting floor, where Heraultier was, despite the party of Yannis Leni (8 goals from 8 shots). ), she went through all the emotions and could snatch the victory.

Montpellier is doing well but… it could have won too. Three days after losing to one of its rivals, Nantes, in the Liqui Moly Starligue, MHB came close to another defeat, this time in the European Cup. Heraulti, who had not lost since February 28 during a trip to Germany in Göppingen, suffered in Lisbon against Sporting in the quarter-finals of the Europa League. Upon arrival, the two teams settled in a tie (32-32).

During a very tight match that saw the Portuguese back in the locker room with a goal difference (18-17) at half-time, a slight relaxation at the end of the second half could have permanently dented the chances of Patrice Kanner’s players. who in quick succession paid dearly for a shot saved by Diego Simonet and the ball lost by Veron Nasinovic and then a two-minute penalty against Karl Konnan when the teams had equalized minutes earlier. And they are still the leaders of the championship despite the third setback of the season, but they are tied in points (40) with Paris Saint-Germain, until they came close to corrections. Fortunately, after Yannis Lin lost the ball this time, Martim Costa, who scored 7 goals in this segment, missed the attempt, which would have given the Portuguese an advantage of +4.

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Lin was very close to awarding the victory to MHB

Nothing happened, fortunately for Montpellier, who probably never would have recovered. On the other hand at just -3 the visitors didn’t let go. And MHB this time, led by three goals – the biggest gap of the match – came back to one, three minutes after the siren on a perfectly negotiated counter-attack by Lenne, who had a clear run (8 shots, 8 goals), before The equalizer, on a seven-meter putt from Julien Boss, and then … back in front thanks to Lin again. The goal number 32 in Montpellier, signed by Heraultier’s top scorer in the first leg of the quarter-finals, allowed our representatives to snatch victory and make the option to qualify.

Unfortunately for MHB, the new drop in pace, at the worst time, achieved in two minutes for Simonet, allowed Tavares to equalize at the extreme. Montpellier, who could have left the floor with a heavy defeat, will not be hard for it all before the reunion between the two teams, on April 18 in France.

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