Elected officials in Florida prohibit reassignment treatments for minors

Elected officials in Florida prohibit reassignment treatments for minors

The text prohibits surgeries, treatments that prevent puberty, or taking hormones.

It is part of a conservative nationalist offensive on gender and sexuality issues. Elected officials in a dozen states, including Idaho, Indiana, or Georgia, have passed laws to ban this transitional care, sometimes with penalties for doctors who break the rule.

For it to become law, the script would have to be signed off by Ron DeSantis, which there is no doubt about.

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The 44-year-old governor, who is rumored to be ready to run for the White House, has made Florida a laboratory for his ultra-conservative politics, particularly on moral matters.

He is a promoter of a law that was severely criticized and dubbed Don’t say gay (Don’t talk about gays), which severely restricts or prevents the teaching of subjects related to sexual orientation and gender in schools.

The transitional remedies text had the full support of Republican majorities in both houses. The Democrats opposed it, so they could do nothing.

Words are not enough to create something that does not exist. It is impossible to change the gender. »

Quote from Ralph Massullo during debates in the local House of Representatives

As for the children concerned by this law, they cannot change their gender, and they have to accept this factadded, according to Miami Herald.

However, the law does include an exception for minors who are already receiving puberty hormones or blockers.

At the same time, it limits adult access to transitional therapies by prohibiting the use of public funds or their administration by a physician through teleconsultation.

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The vote on this text outraged associations such as Florida equalitythat advocates for LGBT+ rights.

This is an assault on medical freedom and parental freedomone of its principals, John Harris, said in a press release. It’s a political crusade, but one with real consequences for Florida families.

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