Cataracts and glaucoma are older stars

Cataracts and glaucoma are older stars

the time Associated with Neue Zurcher Zeitung As part of a series of articles dedicated to the eye: benefits of laser surgery, prevention of cataracts and glaucoma, hereditary retinal diseases. Find all articles in this dedicated folder on the go.

Erika underwent cataract surgery in both eyes. But his vision in his right eye did not improve. She was 62 years old at the time. She changed her eye doctor, and after examining her field of vision, he told her the bad news: She had glaucoma, which could lead to blindness. “It was a shock,” says Erika, now 83. “I was very afraid that I would lose my sight.”

The term cataract comes from Latin eye lens darkening (Waterfall), itself a word borrowed from Greek, refers to the impression of a veil descending before the eyes. The lens gradually becomes darker, and the person sees as if through fog, while being dazzled by bright lights.

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