Avoid petting your cat with these parts of the body

Avoid petting your cat with these parts of the body

If you own a cat, you should avoid petting him recklessly, as he probably hates petting, which is a proven method of bonding with his four-legged friend.

According to a study I reported ScienceFocusEven if cats are tolerant of their masters, they do not appreciate caresses over certain parts of the body and make them known through their behavior.

“While some cats appreciate petting, most don’t like the way we do it at all,” said Lauren Finka, a cat behaviorist at Nottingham Trent University.

“Although many people think that cats like to be petted at the base of their tails, researchers suggest that this may result in the most negative behaviors,” she said.

According to the study, there are areas in social cats that those who come into contact with humans very early on may value, such as the cheeks, the base of the ears, or the part just below the chin.

The specialist explained, “Maybe because these places contain a lot of skin glands that produce scents. Cats use these areas in particular to spread their scent, so they must be pleasant when they are stimulated.”

On the other hand, the specialist recommends avoiding the base of the tail and abdomen and being careful when touching the cat’s back, legs and tail, paying attention to its body language.

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