APT Tenerife Open – Volcano Eruption

Tenerife wanted an offer and he got it! in halves in 3 setsFinal match poster will be Oliveira / Chosas vs Fernandez / Destro.

Oliveira / Chozas, an epic husband

The day before yesterday, Miguel Oliveira played very poorly. Yesterday, the Portuguese player achieved one of the best performances of his career. His level of play was the “X Factor” before the confrontation, and Ramos/Toure’s plan was to blow Miguel.

In the first set, all the balls go to the Portuguese player who failed to gain confidence. Alex Chuzas wins the point when he touches the ball, but he never touches it. The refrigerator tactic is effective, and the Argentine and the Uruguayan took the first set 6/3.

In the second group, the situation changes. Alex Chozas does not hesitate to raise his voice to his teammate fifteen years older than him for a change of tactic. The Portuguese is more comfortable and the game is transforming. Agustin Toure argues with the referee, and Chuzas/Olivera imposes the third set.

At the break between the two sets, both pairs receive the second warning, which results in a penalty point for each team. So the first match of the third set starts at 15a, which is unusual!

En route from the second set, Alex Chozas and Miguel Oliveira play at an exceptional level that allows them to dominate. It’s amazing to see Miguel’s ability to get his game back after a disastrous start to the match. The meeting was concluded 3/6 6/2 6/3.

Alex Chozas crying. At only 19 years old, the Argentine talent will play his first final tomorrow!

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Fernandez/Destro takes over

After defeating Chiostri/Alfonso in the round of 16, Fernandez and Destro won in Tenerife. In contrast, Tito and Tolito are playing better and better, and they want to show that they are at home on the APT Padel Tour.

The first set is a pass of arms between two pairs that measure each other. Diestro makes many mistakes, but the quality of his partner allows the match to be balanced.

At 5/5, Pincho Fernandez and Jose Destro Punto de Oro win which gives them the first half. In the process, the Spaniards managed to finish the first set 7/5.

In a second, the magic of Tolito Aguirre works! Tito is also comfortable, and the Argentinians manage to get in on a break. They will never let go and will succeed in sticking to your sleeve everywhere.

Pincho and Destro increase their level of play at the start of the deciding set. They interrupt the second half in the fourth and confirm it in the next.

The match reached high levels in terms of level of play, with very impressive points, but the Spaniards managed to maintain the upper hand. They even take a second break to finish the match calmly. 6/1

In their first tournament on APT, Pincho Fernandez and Jose Destro will play the Final!

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