Android 15: What's Changing in Beta 3.1

Android 15: What's Changing in Beta 3.1

Just two weeks ago, Android was rolling out beta 3.0, which was introduced as a stable version of the operating system, and could be used exclusively by developers. This update also brought the integration of support for one-step passkeys, as well as better battery life. Now, just two weeks later, Android is rolling out update 3.1. However, this new version doesn’t add any notable new functionality: it basically proposes to fix some unexpected bugs in the previous version.

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Minor update

Thus, this minor update to Android 15 beta 3 fixes a bug that prevented the lock screen from intercepting touch input and prompting the user to unlock the device. In other words, with beta 3.0, it can be difficult to unlock your smartphone, as long as you interact with lock screen elements that do not require unlocking the device. Another bug that sometimes caused biometric authentication to fail has now been fixed. Finally, several other issues affecting system stability, as well as connectivity and audio quality have been fixed.

This update is currently only available to eligible devices enrolled in the Android Beta program. Initially, these are Google Pixel devices (Pixel 6, 6 Pro, 6A, 7, 7 Pro, 7a, 8, 8 Pro, 8a, Fold, and Tablet). Later, the update will be available to other devices, such as the Honor Magic 6 Pro, V2, Xiami 14, or OnePlus 12 (among others, the list is available here).

Based on the Android 15 release timeline, July should be the last month before the final release of the OS. Additionally, Google is supposed to hold its Pixel 9 announcement conference in August. In other words, the stable version of Android 15 should be available to arrive in conjunction with this event, as is customary first for the Google Pixel, and then gradually rolling out to all other Android models after that.

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