5 tips to avoid being attacked by a shark

5 tips to avoid being attacked by a shark

Although the chances of being attacked by a shark are very slim, certain behaviors can be adopted to reduce this danger, which still exists, mainly in Florida.

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A 13-year-old girl also experienced it in the past few days, when she survived two shark bites in the shallow waters of this US state.

“Most shark bites happen in shallow water because the sharks run along the shore to feed,” said Marie Boppart, Florida correspondent for TVA Novell.

It is also in this place that we include the greatest number of attacks.

Of the 57 shark attacks reported in 2022 worldwide, 41 occurred in the United States, including 16 in Florida, mostly in the Daytona area.

“Sharks, like Snowbirds, love warm waters,” continues Mrs. Boppart. Also in Florida, there are many piers or long piers where sharks take refuge for the opportunity to eat a carcass lying in the water.

Four of the six attacks reported this year in the United States occurred in that state.

Here are five tips to reduce your chances of being bitten by this predator.

“Sharks often attack a person who is alone.”

“You are also told not to bathe early in the morning or after sunset, which is very important because they are most active to feed at those hours.”

“We also say not to shower if you have an open wound,” explains Ms. Boppart. “These tips come from the University of Florida.”

“When you wear the jewelry in the water, it looks like fish scales.”

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And the Florida reporter adds: “Never bathe in cloudy water. Make sure the water is clear enough so you can see what’s going on around you.”

However, Ms. Boppart states that the chances of being bitten by a shark are one in 3.7 million.

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