🔎 Jacob Rodrigue Perrier – Definition and Explanations

🔎 Jacob Rodrigue Perrier – Definition and Explanations


Jacob Rodrigue Perrere

Jacob Rodrigue Perrere (sometimes called Rodrigues Pereira) (April 11, 1715 – September 15, 1780) was one of the pioneers in France in deaf education and speech therapy. A recognized scholar and polyglot, he also led political activity in defense of the rights of the “Portuguese” Jewish community.

CV elements

He was born in Portugal, in Peniche, in 1715, into a family encryption (CRYPTO is the usual acronym for Annual International Cryptographic Conference, one of…) Jew, baptized as Francisco-Antonio Rodriguez, son of Abigail Rivka Rodrigues and merchant Abraham Rodrigues Pereira, born in chacimIn Portugal, a place (The area is an inhabited agglomeration of indefinite size, few in general…) Nearby is Braganza, one of the greatest centers of crypto-Judaism. In 1698, Ibrahim moved to Spain. His daughters (at least two) as well as two sons: Jacob and his younger brother David, came to settle in France with their mother. The Jewish community of Bordeaux was sufficiently organized at that time to attract Marranos who wanted to flee Portugal and return to Judaism. Jacob Rodrigue Perrere (Jacob Rodrigue Pereira (sometimes called Rodrigues Pereira) (April 11, 1715 – September 15…) He was circumcised at the age of twenty-six on November 8, 1741. As early as 1734, Perrier documented methods of education for the deaf and dumb. It may have been during his tenure Bordeaux (Bordelais is a French breed of cattle). (from 1741 to 1746) that Perrier learned Hebrew. He left Bordeaux in 1746 to follow him college (A quorum might identify a group of like-minded people…) From Beaumont en Auge, near Caen, the second deaf-and-dumb pupil to whom he was entrusted with his rehabilitation, the young Dettavene. He removed there in July 1746, and remained there for three years, interrupted by several stays there Paris (Paris is a French city, the capital of France and the capital of the region…). In April 1749 he settled permanently in Paris with his student. His house served as a boarding house for the young Detaveni and for the other deaf-mute students who would entrust him in the following years. Perrier then lives in Capital (A capital (from the Latin capital, cape, cape) is a city where the powers sit, …) without interruption. On November 5, 1766, he married a Portuguese girl thirty years younger than himself in Bordeaux. They had six children, four of whom died in infancy. He died on September 15, 1780.

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The first two deaf people Berer taught: Aaron Pomarin and M. Dizzy datafini

Aaron Pumarin, born deaf and dumb, was born around 1732, and entered the Académie de La Rochelle at the beginning of 1745. The birth of his pupil. The second topic is a memory (In general, memory is the storage of information. It is also for remembering…) Presented in Paris, at the Academy of Sciences meeting of June 11, 1749.

Perrier’s work

Perrier prefers understatement and lip-readingto learn (Learning is the acquisition of knowledge, that is, the process…) Early reading and use of dactylology adapted to the French language, inspired by the manual alphabet of Juan de Pablo Bonet. Dosubject (In general, the word object (from the Latin objectum, 1361) designates a specific entity in …) Anonymous assaults by Father Charles-Michel de L’Epée, who was also seeking institutional recognition in the field of deaf education. Perrier’s work is not limited to this field alone. Teach him physical (Physics (from Greek φυσις, nature) is etymologically…) and in mathematics (Mathematics is the field of abstract knowledge created with…) He earned him accolades and friendship from the greatest scientists of his time: Buffon, who quotes him in his book natural historyReaumore nor Condamine. His linguistic knowledge won him the appreciation of Bougainville who entrusted him with the observation and description of the Tahitian or Toro language. he Obsession (Mania (from the ancient Greek μανία / mania “…) Fluency in Portuguese, French, Italian and Hebrew. He translated into French several prayers written by the rabbi of Bordeaux for circumstances relating to the royal family: illness (A disease is a change in the functions or health of an organism, an animal…) of the king or queen or Dolphin (Dauphin /do. ‘fɛ̃/ is an obscure slang noun referring to French…). Perrier’s qualities as a translator were noted, and in 1765, he formally received from Louis XV the title: “His Majesty’s Interpreter of the Spanish and Portuguese Languages”. We owe him the copy, in the years 1765 and 1776, of all the patents, from Henry II to Louis XVI, which concerned and protected the Portuguese Jews. Created in 1780, in the 44th de la street (The street is a circulation space in the city that serves housing and places…) Flanders, on the 19thH Arrondissement of Paris (at that time La Villette), a cemetery for Portuguese Jews.

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