Washington says Mexico is the home of Russian spies

Washington says Mexico is the home of Russian spies

Mexico hosts the largest number of Russian spies in the world in these times of war In Ukraine, a senior American officer denounced a statement neither confirmed nor denied by the nationalist Mexican president Friday.

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“There are very aggressive and active players ‘in North America,’ including the Bahamas and Mexico,” General Glenn Vanherk, commanding general of the military district covering the United States and the United States, said Thursday. Canada, Mexico and the Bahamas. He cited China and Russia.

“I would like to note that the bulk of the members of the GRU (Russian Military Intelligence) in the world are now in Mexico. They are the employees of Russian intelligence,” he added during a Senate hearing.

He said that Russian spies in Mexico are “looking closely” at the possibility of exercising “influence” in that region at the expense of the United States.

“Mexico is a free, independent and sovereign country, and we are not a colony of Russia, nor China, nor the United States,” Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador replied Friday morning, saying he had no information about Russia’s massive presence. Spies in Mexico.

Mexico and France prepared the resolution adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday that “demands” Russia an “immediate” end to the war in Ukraine.

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President Lopez Obrador refuses to impose economic sanctions on Russia.

The US ambassador to Mexico criticized, on Thursday, the inauguration of a Mexican-Russian friendship group in the House of Representatives, at the initiative of the minority party allied with the authority.

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