Unknown symptoms of inflammatory bronchial disease

Asthma affects just over 4 million people in France, according to public health France. Without proper support, this chronic inflammatory disease Bronchospasms can have an impact on the quality of life of those who suffer from it. As Dr. Maxime Husot, Allergist at Gentilly Polyclinic reminds us, Asthma symptoms Often form a “triangle”. We find :

Although they are the most common, these manifestations are not the only ones that can be encountered.

In fact, there are lesser known symptoms of asthma. And for good reason: These only appear in certain circumstances, which are not necessarily indicative of disease. According to Dr. Maxime Hussot, the most classic is “exertion-induced asthma”. After (physical) exertion, some people will find it difficult to breathe and may start to cough. This is amazing asthma attack It can start several minutes after the end of the effort.

Then an ‘equivalent asthmatic cough’ is observed. About superficial cough that occur in a very specific context. Dr. Maxime Husot cites a typical case: laughter. “There are some people who, when they laugh a lot, start coughing.” “It can also happen when people are screaming, singing, or just talking for a long time,” the doctor adds.

Finally, asthma can be manifested by “minor chest pain” caused by (…)

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