Looking forward to being betrayed – 2023 movie

Looking forward to being betrayed – 2023 movie

Looking forward to being betrayed


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In this film adaptation of Sue Hecker’s novel, an accountant sees her fiancé’s betrayal as an opportunity for sexual awakening, with disastrous consequences.

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This brimstone movie was a huge hit on Netflix: will there soon be a sequel to The Pleasure of Betrayed?
Did you like 365 days?  This new Netflix movie is just as exciting and a lot less problematic

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Brazilian film directed by Diego Freitas (2023) with Giovanna Lancellotti. A fairly simple thriller, but the sulphurous presence of the very beautiful Giovanna Lancellotti makes it fascinating to watch, especially since the exciting scenes are remarkably well shot.


A hot, cool Brazilian thriller, a bit like 365 Dni on a visual level, but with a real story that holds up. It’s well performed, the actors are absolutely beautiful, and the setting is gorgeous. We will notice beautiful work on the lighting effects, in addition to a polished aesthetic. A film with an exciting and sulfurous atmosphere, but without falling into vulgarity. Production is at a much higher level than…

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Elena Lohan

A movie in which we enjoy every last second. The story is simple but that’s what makes the movie beautiful and addictive. The scenes are all very impressive, and sometimes even give you goosebumps. I think the ending of the movie is very good. The relationship between the two main characters is well separated, 6 months after the scene in the forest. We are also pleased with the return of Marco’s daughter, and we end in

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