Four Dutch F-16s from the United States were stored at Gosselis prior to a possible transfer

Four Dutch F-16s from the United States were stored at Gosselis prior to a possible transfer

Four F-16 fighter jets brought home by the Netherlands from the United States arrived Monday afternoon at Charleroi-Joselles Airport where they were taken care of by Sabina Engineering (formerly Sabca) who will store them before reselling them to a third country. , we learned from compatible sources.

According to photos posted on social networks, these planes – single- and two-seat – landed in Juseles from the Portuguese air base of Lajes in the Azores, as did four other F-16s in – December.

Then the Dutch Ministry of Defense announced that eleven of these fighter-bombers would pass through Sabca (now Sabena Engineering in the bosom of the Belgian aviation group Orizio) “BufferedAnd keep it in flight.

for Ukraine?

Then it was a matter of selling back the 12 F-16s — which had been replaced by F-35 stealth fighters within the Dutch Air Force (KLu) — to US security and defense provider Draken International. This company that provides the chest shield (or “abusers”) For the training of military pilots, most of whom are American, another 28 aircraft of the same type were also selected.

But Dutch Foreign Minister Wopke Hoekstra said last Thursday that the Netherlands “will checkPossible Ukrainian order for F-16s withOpen mind“. nothing “No tabooHe added in this regard during a debate in Parliament in The Hague, without referring to the US approval required for such a transfer. A resale to Bulgaria was also indicated, but has not materialized so far.

The last three of the 11 F-16s expected at Charleroi could finish crossing the Atlantic on Tuesday, according to unconfirmed information. Until last July, these devices were used to train pilots from Tucson Airport in the US state of Arizona.

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