Exceptional transfer: Saint-Etienne STDR TEDL (42) acquired by the Portuguese company Laso

Exceptional transfer: Saint-Etienne STDR TEDL (42) acquired by the Portuguese company Laso

The Portuguese group Laso has just acquired the company from Saint-Etienne, STDR TEDL, specializing in exceptional transport. This company has a turnover of 4.2 million euros and employs 20 employees, including 15 drivers.

With 1,000 employees, Lasso has subsidiaries in Europe in Mozambique and Morocco. Since last October, it has had a branch in France, in Lyon, where Claudio Fernandez works as Commercial Director. During discussion with the director of STDR TEDL, Frédéric Wach, he learned that the latter was planning to sell his business. The information then returns to the Portuguese headquarters and a deal is in full swing.

“A company that benefits from a good image will keep its name. We take charge of all the employees and keep Frédéric Wach in the position “, specifies Claudio Fernandez who will continue to develop Lasso in France by taking delivery of the first 10 trucks by the end of the year.

Ultimately, the company aims to rely on several agencies in France. Aware that the arrival of the Portuguese group in France could cause anxiety, Claudio Fernandez specifies: “Lasso, which is already well established in the Iberian Peninsula, must develop in other markets to continue growing. In France, we will work with French drivers and the latest equipment: Volvo Trucks and Vans Mercedes. Our aim is to be rigorous, professional and competitive. There is work for everyone.”

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