European Election 2024: Narrow win for Socialists in Portugal

European Election 2024: Narrow win for Socialists in Portugal

The Portuguese Socialists won the European elections by a narrow margin. They obtained 32% of the votes and 8 deputies, compared to the moderate right-wing coalition M (31% and 7 deputies). The Socialists intend to confirm this result and were ahead by barely 40,000 votes, in a vote marked by strong abstentions (63.5%).

This slight advantage will come in time to assert their authority and tip the scales in their favor, during parliamentary negotiations in Lisbon, against a conservative executive that rules without a stable majority and must reach specific agreements with the Socialist Party.

The Chiga ultras will enter the European Parliament with two seats, but their result (10%) is less impressive than the 18% they obtained during the legislative elections last March, which is undoubtedly evidence that they are struggling to mobilize beyond the figure of the group's leader. Andre Ventura.

Even if the vote was European, it was the second round of the early legislative elections last March, which put an end to eight years of the socialist government led by Antonio Costa. He was forced to resign over suspicions of influence peddling, as part of an investigation that currently appears to have reached a dead end.

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Despite the correct result for the Socialists, the overall result on election night confirms a shift to the right of the country, with a strong decline of small left-wing groups, between the Communist Party and the Labor Party's Left and Environmentalists bloc. The Animal Party, PAN, received only two representatives in total.

But Sunday was the time of victory for socialist leader Pedro Nuno Santos. He declared that “the Socialist Party is today the leading political force in Portugal,” welcoming the victory of the list led by former Health Minister Marta Temido. He said the Portuguese voted “against arrogance.”

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It is, he said, a “warning” to conservative Prime Minister Luis Montenegro, who is accused of “ignoring parliament and ruling by decree.” The socialist leader reiterates his desire to lead a responsible but determined opposition. “The Socialist Party will not take advantage of political instability, and we are not in a rush,” he warned.

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Prime Minister Luis Montenegro took note of the letter. “We did not achieve our goal,” he admitted on Sunday evening, acknowledging the new balance of power. At the same time, he announced that he was ready to support the nomination of former socialist Prime Minister Antonio Costa to succeed Belgian Charles Michel for the presidency of the European Council.

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