A golden opportunity for Rafael Guerrero?

A golden opportunity for Rafael Guerrero?

On Saturday evening, Rafael Guerrero is supposed to start as a starter in the Portuguese left lane, in the absence of his main rival, Nuno Mendes.

Two games to score points. Installed in the left lane for the Seleção national team since its international debut in 2014, Raphael Guerrero The noose has experienced a tightening in recent years, with the advent of Nuno Mendez. Representing the future of Portuguese football, the young Paris Saint-Germain full-back has established himself as an important player for the national team, even ahead of his main rivals in some high-stakes matches such as the World Cup play-off. Won the cup against North Macedonia in March 2022.

Unprecedented competition

with sparkling eruption Nuno MendezAnd Raphael Guerrero So I faced unprecedented competition in the national team. Henceforth, the newlyweds share shares of the same cake without really succeeding in taking over the coveted role of bearer. The evidence: during the first international window of the era Roberto MartinezAnd Raphael Guerrero And Nuno Mendez Each of the two matches was played in its entirety, thus leaving the luxury to the new Portuguese coach to learn the first lessons of establishing the hierarchy.

And if the next two matches of the Seleção, scheduled for next Saturday against Bosnia and Herzegovina, and then next Tuesday against Iceland, will represent a new opportunity to confront the players at an equal time, it will not be. As is often the case in recent months, Nuno Mendez Currently infected, and therefore will leave a unique opportunity for Raphael Guerrero To impress the new Seleção strongman.

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180 minutes for Rafael Guerrero?

If the season is difficult Raphael Guerrero, who will officially leave Borussia Dortmund in two weeks to join Bayern Munich, the Portuguese side should still benefit from ample playing time over the next few days. In the absence of a major competitor Nuno MendezThe Blanc-Mesnil native is currently the only Seleçao player trained to play left lane. Joao CanceloAnd Diogo Dalot And Nelson Semedoall of them summoned as well, also have the skills to evolve in this situation, but they seem to be more able to evolve in the other path, as a healthy competition between the first two cities has also settled in.

in these cases, Raphael Guerrero Thus the next two meetings can be started as a start in the left lane. Less than a year away from potential participation in the next Euro, this opportunity has presented itself Nuno Mendezcould be crucial in the evolution of the new Coach game project Roberto Martinez. to Raphael Guerrero To do what is necessary to score points.

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