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The November 30 call will not dispel the impression of unpreparedness floating around the incumbent candidate Zemmour.

What will be left of Eric Zemmour’s candidacy announcement? First, a gloomy video in the form of a parody of General de Gaulle’s appeal on June 18, then a frantic interview on 20 hours of TF1: on November 30 it will not be possible to dispel the impression of unpreparedness or even the hobby around which the candidate Zemmour floats. The ex-Figaro journalist frankly did not always succeed in this exact exercise of any presidential candidate. The most experienced politicians (Lionel Jospin, Edouard Balladur, etc.) failed the test before him. “Yes, it is moderate,” Olivier Obeda admitted on BFMTV, one of his interlocutors.
However, he quickly reassured his team. His two-part campaign ad created an unprecedented noise and occupied news channels all day long. TF1’s audience broke records: more than 7 million viewers for less than 2 to follow the last debate of the LR nominees in France 2. Not to mention about 2 million people who watched his campaign clip on YouTube. Even better, half of the French, according to Elabe’s poll, would subscribe to Eric Zemmour’s diagnosis of the impossibility of reforming France. Therefore, the king of libraries is always in the lead on television and on social networks. But are the French watching the defender of the “Great Alternative,” the prophet of doom, or the “French Trump”?
It must be said that the mojadal has been performing since the beginning of the school year. a more or less tasteful fireworks display: zemmour and Arabic first names; Zemmour and Petan. Zemmour and Bataclan; Zamour and license points. zemmour and antifas (in Nantes and Marseilles); Beep and middle finger.. Crushes. Electrify. shove; He assumes that even the general’s monkey (in mic version of London Radio!) which no other politician before him has dared to do. The candidate is not afraid of ridicule at the risk of becoming an object of entertainment for the French.

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meeting to revive him

Because, after a resounding entry into the presidential bout, the polemicist faces his first setback. At the bottom of the polls, he is still credited with 13-15% of voting intentions but has fallen behind Marine Le Pen. He was abandoned by his supporters Philippe de Villiers and Frédéric Poisson. Businessman Charles Gaff is pulling his balls and no weight gathering appears on the horizon, even if Jacques Chirac’s former minister Charles Mellon announces his support.

What’s next for this ad?

The irresistible progress is checked. If the French had many left to follow his media interventions and fill his room, they would not necessarily vote for him. Marine Le Pen’s supporters are back in the fold, and Fillon’s voters are questioning the seriousness of his candidacy for the lack of concrete solutions to the problems he raises. A spell is not enough. In the end, Eric Zemmour would have pushed the Republicans to “correct.” By saying that Marine Le Pen and the LRs are miserable, the polemicist may have done them a favor. Meanwhile, the candidate will display his new clothes with thousands of his supporters during a large meeting in Paris Villepinte, in the same place where Nicolas Sarkozy began his election campaign in 2012. Eric Zemmour’s opportunity to correct the image after a “mixed launch.”

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