Your TV will become more efficient, economical and smarter with Android 14

Your TV will become more efficient, economical and smarter with Android 14

Android 14 is coming to your TV. Google will publish a new version of Android TV for manufacturers with improvements in terms of performance and power saving, but also Gemini AI integration.

As Google prepares to roll out Android 15 to all compatible smartphones, connected TVs that integrate Android TV (and there are a lot of them) will finally receive the Android 13 update.

In addition to offering noticeable improvements in terms of performance, this update will also make your TV smarter and more accurate in its recommendations thanks to artificial intelligence. quick look.

Android TV becomes more powerful and efficient

Android TV is installed on more than 220 million devices worldwide, both TVs (Sony, TCL, Philips) and multimedia boxes and TV boxes (Free, Bouygues, Nvidia and of course Chromecast).

The arrival of Android 14 in the Google TV ecosystem brings noticeable performance improvements for “ A faster, more responsive TV experience », which is sometimes lacking in some of the operating systems built into our TVs, especially at the entry level.

Google has also added a new power saving mode to reduce electricity consumption when the TV is in standby mode. You can choose from three modes, which deactivate network functions depending on the mode chosen.

New accessibility functions are also planned, such as better control over colors and text display, as well as modePictures in picturesTo view the application content while browsing the Android TV menu.

Gemini makes content recommendation smarter

But what would a Google ad be without a reference to artificial intelligence? Google I/O is also an opportunity for the company to integrate its Gemini lineup into Android TV.

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The system will help youDiscover content faster with AI-based recommendations» Without obtaining any other details. Gemini will create custom descriptions on your TV's home page, which will be written based on your viewing history and tastes. A function that can also be responsible for filling in missing descriptions, but also responsible for providing translations if they are missing.

We still have few details on what Gemini's integration with Android TV will bring, but it's sure to be enriched over time.

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