Your iPhone will show the time, even if it's discharged

Your iPhone will show the time, even if it's discharged

The first beta of iOS 18 reveals a new feature. For the first time, iPhone will display the time, even when the battery is completely dead.

New features of iOS 18 continue to be revealed. A few days after the release of the first developer beta, users realized that the smartphone is capable of Keep telling the timeeven when the battery is completely discharged.

time, even without a battery

There are many posts on Reddit Dedicated to this discovery. In the screenshot shared by a user, we see the iPhone 15's battery running out. When the battery runs out completely, you'll still see that The time is in the left corner from the touch screen. In the center of the panel we clearly find the inevitable red logo that indicates that the battery is empty.

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Thanks to the iPhone's power reserve

Track this new feature Power reserve access (“Power Reserve”) for iPhones during the iOS 15 update, which opened at the time of the iPhone

Thanks to this new feature, your iPhone can always be located through Apple's Find network. Even if you have no battery left at all, you can find the path to your device using another Apple-branded terminal. This power reserve also allows the iPhone to do this Work with NFC accessoriessuch as a public transit card, or to open a compatible connected lock.

Not surprisingly, the time appears on the screen only when you do this Press the side button from the phone. Obviously, excessive use of this key risks prematurely draining your iPhone's power reserve.

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For your information, iOS 18 is Only available in trial version. It is not planned to publish the public and final version of the update before the fall of 2024, along with the announcement of the new iPhone 16 phone. Among the OS's major new features are a finally customizable Control Center, a new home screen and finer battery throttling settings.

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