Young talents available to companies and institutions

Young talents available to companies and institutions

Junior Consulting at Sciences Po Paris has been supporting companies locally and regionally for over 43 years. It has 6 regional chapters in Dijon, Menton, Reims, Le Havre, Nancy, and Poitiers.

We work with CAC 40 companies. These large groups represent the majority of our customers, but we also cooperate a lot with small and medium-sized companies, start-ups and international players.“, the President testifies. Junior Consulting carries out assignments corresponding to its thirteen areas of expertise, among which we find, for example, finance, communication and even the ecological transition.

The JCSP carries out different types of tasks: quantitative studies, strategic analyses, benchmarks. Contact us structures regularly to support them with their CSR strategies, their communication plans, or even write articles, explains the project manager. “The great diversity of our missions reflects Science Po’s location and the diversity of its teaching”The president continues.

We represent the opportunity to have a first professional experience in contact with clients, with real responsibility for the quality of offerstestify.

Great benefits for companies and organizations

“We generally invite master’s students who have already verified experiences. We thus bring a certain knowledge of the professional world.”he explains the boss. for beginners consulting, Choosing the right people is an important issue. In consultation with her, she makes a careful selection of applicants. “We always specify the type of students we intend to appeal to. It can sometimes be very specific skills that we derive from our specialist masters,” She adds.

Students also benefit from many resources to be called upon under their mission. Library, databases or faculty, they have everything they need to carry out their mission.

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Junior Dynamic Consulting has recently developed new expertise in the field of security and defense. It also wants to strengthen its presence in the region through its branches to establish itself in the local professional fabric. Finally, it partnered with ENSAE Junior Enterprise with the goal of developing a joint offering that would benefit from the expertise of each structure.

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