Young people are trying to rob … a police station

Young people are trying to rob … a police station

In Guyana, seven young men are arrested in the woods where they hid after attempting to commit a robbery … In the territory of the Gendarmerie, we learned on Monday from directives from the gendarmerie of the French community present in South America.

On the night of Thursday, February 23 to Friday, February 24, around midnight, seven individuals stormed the grounds of the Gendarmerie Matori, a town on the border of Cayenne Province.

“They got through the woods behind the gendarmerie and climbed over the fence,” Guyana Gendarmerie commander General Jean-Christophe Sentive told AFP.

Then they tried to break into a garage where, among other things, several scooters were seized for various crimes. But the gendarmes present were alerted by the noise and the security services.

When the gendarmes arrived, the seven young men, two adults and five minors between the ages of 15 and 19, fled, the general adds. They took refuge in the forest through which they had arrived.

The gendarmes “locked in” the place before they could see their work force reinforced at dawn with a dog team and a helicopter. At midday on Friday, the seven fugitives were arrested while still hiding in the woods.

They were taken into police custody on charges of breaking into a military compound and attempted robbery with several aggravating circumstances (in a meeting, at night, etc.).

According to a Facebook post by Guyana’s gendarmerie, the suspected thieves will be summoned in late March for trial. Five of them were placed under judicial control.

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