Young graduates, an inspiring future for sustainable tourism

Portugal is increasingly establishing itself as an important destination in terms of sustainable development. It is no coincidence that he was chosen to host Ocean Forum In June 2022, to highlight its solutions, particularly in relation to transportation and tourism.

On this topic, Jean Pinheiro, director of the Portuguese Tourist Office, does not skimp on words: the topic is of particular importance to him. We want to train, change mindsets and convince tourism professionals that they can be profitable by moving in the right direction. »

How ? Through the budget set by the government (when we tell you that Portugal is taking it head on) which made it possible Training thousands of hoteliers, acceptors and service providers Sweetened.

But in his head and in his actions, it’s not just Portugal. At the microphone of François Hoyt, the president of ADONET (Association of National Foreign Tourist Offices in France) presents work on a white paper on utopian tourism together with the Association Respire.

A white paper, but also a business book: “There are ways to suggest leaders and institutions to see how to organize (Ultimate Tourism, Editor’s Note), and how to organize it…” He explains, indicating the possibility of creation “Score like a nutriscore for the concept of sustainability of a trip, accommodations or behaviour”.

Every gesture has its value. In this regard, graduates and young students have everything to teach us. This is also the case in the air, in particular, but where the young pilots seem to have ideas.

“You just need to modify some of some people’s behaviors to really evolve in the right direction. Adapting certain things to the weather can have an impact on kerosene spending, or not filling tanks to the maximum in airports where it is cheaper, to lighten weight and spend less energy… this Little things we can change.

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