You suck in the parking lot: parallel, back up, on a slope (winter)

Ah, parking… Develop a game that forces you to avoid climbing on the sidewalk and thus hanging on a trash can or a bike or a tree – that would be a bit sadistic. Fortunately, the folks at Happy Volcano serve up, with You suck in parkingthe ability to fly, recoil, explode, and more, in a party game Unfortunately it is incomplete.

The concept goes without saying: when driving a small car, you have to travel a certain distance and stop as far as possible in the middle of a parking lot installed at a specific place on a circuit. So far, everything is going relatively well. Obviously it’s possible to run out of gas or fall off the track etc, but the deal is pretty simple.

At later levels, things get worse. The developers hit obstacles, reduce the amount of fuel available, install barriers that destroy your vehicle… This is the second accessible “world”! Then, it would be especially necessary for one to voluntarily sacrifice oneself on the mines to clear the way, while observing the total time allotted to complete the level. And so on.

It’s all very well, but very quickly, we realize that something is wrong. Several things actually. First of all, there seems to be a balance between the fun side of the game, with its explosions, silly obstacles and tiny cars, and the rapidly increasing difficulty of the levels.

We get frustrated fairly quickly with the inaccuracy of the controls, which could nonetheless be adapted to a more forgiving game, but knowing how complex the tasks to be accomplished would have appreciated a greater dose of realism.

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And if we think that the single-player campaign is not for us, and that it is certainly more interesting to switch to the multiplayer mode – it is party game, after every thing! – We soon get disappointed. why? Because this mode is not yet accessible, although the game is officially out of Early Access. So it is impossible to find a group of strangers for a quick match. And it is also impossible to convince his friends to play with you, because it is impossible to activate this mode at the moment.

But what can actually be done is micro-tweaks to change the appearance of your car. Why are the developers rushing towards monetization, when their game does not even have the mode that should be the most attractive to consumers? Who would want to spend up to sixty dollars to decorate a vehicle that they would run on their own on the racetracks?

In short, You suck in parking It is based on an interesting and fun concept, but the game is clearly not ready. It’s unclear if the folks at Happy Volcano were short on cash before launch, but let’s just say that in a world where first impressions matter, that impression is useless.

You suck in parking

Developer and publisher: happy volcano

Platforms: Xbox and Windows (Tested on Windows/Steam)

The game interface is available in French

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