World of Warcraft Classic will make us relive the wrath of the Lich King in 2022

World of Warcraft Classic will make us relive the wrath of the Lich King in 2022

Besides display Next extension for world of cansthe name of the thing Dragon FlightAnd Blizzard He wanted to give something to the nostalgic players, who are currently playing in World of Warcraft Classic. last year was crusader burning Who’s back in the game, now it’s your turn King’s anger To follow the natural order of things by going down in turn in the version classic from MMO.

The Lich King will be back this year

King’s anger It is undoubtedly the most famous extension of the game, and also one of the most appreciated by the community. Horrible highlights Why King Arthas Menethilwho wants to conquer Azeroth from a Continent Northwind.

This extension made it possible to discover a new snow and ice area, with major new features of the game such as class Death Knightsaccessible from level 55, symbolic dungeons like Naxxramas or Azjol-Nérub, raising the maximum level to 80.

So we will find all the joys of that time, perhaps with one of the richest extensions in terms of texts, with the appearance of achievements and calligraphy. PvP fans will also be happy to return to the legendary arenas of that time, in the Burning Crusade continuity, with some of the same tweaks: in The Lich King, there is a rating for the personal arena and there is no longer a rating associated with a team.

In the changes, we can also note that there will be no widget for dungeons: as at that time, it will be necessary to transport and forge their combinations. So we will not take advantage of the dungeon tool added in 3.3.5. This follows community feedback as stated in the official statement: “For the community, the focus on social connections is a big part of what makes WoW Classic so special, and we agree with it.”

All this will be present again in classic lush king wrathAnd Mike YbarraThe Blizzard boss doesn’t hide his enthusiasm for this comeback:

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It’s our pleasure to revisit one of the most beloved eras in Warcraft history with Wrath of the Lich King Classic. At that time, the release of this expansion brought many improvements to the game, created an immortal opponent and gave us an epic story. We have made sure to preserve the authentic classic experience for those looking to relive their glory days in Northrend. In addition, we wanted to provide an explanation that is accessible and sufficient for beginners who are embarking on this vast adventure for the first time. »

We learn that it will be possible to create Death Knights before the expansion is released, through an update, and if this is the first Death Knight, no prerequisites will be required. Otherwise, you will have to wait for level 55. As usual, an optional special passage will allow you to go directly to the maximum level to rediscover the challenges of this expansion.

classic lush king wrath It will be available for free For all owners of a subscription to world of cans. Unfortunately, A release date hasn’t been revealed yet, but Blizzard hopes to be able to (re)releas this extension in 2022..

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