World Of Warcraft Celebrates The Return Of The Lich King

On September 27, players Fabulous He would be able to find the icy Lich King in a remodeled extension.

In 2004, Blizzard launched an MMORPG world of cans. The madness was instant, but no one at the time could have expected such success in the release of the strategy game. Cans In the online multiplayer RPG version. At its peak, the MMO enjoyed an unprecedented presence, with as many as 100 million players on the territory of Azeroth. Its latest extension, Battle of Azeroth (2018), was critically acclaimed, keen to draw an example of his experience and past glory. But cancel mobile projects About its licensing indicates a decline in popularity is escalating.

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Ice cream and lessons

Because if MMO is one of the temptations of online video games today, its direct competitors or not (Jinshin effect in the head) somewhat cornered it, forcing the publisher to recycle old add-ons. It is for King’s anger, titled “Classic”, which deals with the content of the second expansion released for the MMO in 2008 while simplifying or updating its content. The great opponent remains the Lich King, but players will be able to face him and his minions in the skin of the Death Knight, a class starting at level 55 (the maximum now goes up to 80), without having a character. level parallel.

If technology is getting old, the fun remains the same.© Activision Blizzard

Follow the guild

Always respecting the complaints of its community, Blizzard has also ignored auto-generated combos on, to boost team spirit and force players to connect to complete the many quests, dungeons, and raids that await them exploring Northrend. Finally, calligraphy adds a new profession to the practice of the mystical arts. Regulars would close their eyes to the aging technique, rejoicing at this icy encounter with Ice Kron Castle.

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