World Cup 2022: Messi and Ronaldo’s last chance to win the trophy, the only trophy that has always eluded them

World Cup 2022: Messi and Ronaldo’s last chance to win the trophy, the only trophy that has always eluded them

One walks on water. Other slackers are in the mud. Two opposite formats, but a common goal: the world title.

Opposite shapes:

It seems that Lionel Messi has regained his former ease. “From yesterday” … the word is powerful. Bad choice. We must say “always”. Because only the results below darkened the Argentine’s work last year. A season of change, after his move to Paris Saint-Germain, where Messi shone more in building the game than finishing it. But that period is over.

After this time of acclimatization, Pulga is now completely easy going in the Parisian attack.

It must be said that statistically he is doing better than in the previous season: 17 goals already, 15 assists in 22 matches (club and selection combined). Taking mayonnaise and beyond the accounting plan, the striker thrives human under Christophe Galtier’s orders, now. So Messi brings an inflated diameter to the block. Unlike its Portuguese counterpart.

World Cup 2022: Antoine Griezmann still coaching the Blues?

Cristiano Ronaldo is going through troubled territory. “CR7” missed the summer restart with Manchester United for the first time. Then, after a very poor performance, he was relegated to the bench…or even to the stands.

Last week, he found himself in the middle of a media storm he himself unleashed. In a TV interview with Piers Morgan, Ronaldo broke the silence and opened up about his return to the Red Devils, his future. (to see more), as well as on the United Entity. His coach, Erik ten Hag, intervened at the same time.

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No goals were scored in the 14 final matches

So inevitably, the Portuguese is a far cry from the performance and standards we know. He’s approaching the deadline without competition and confidence, with a hungry record: 3 goals, 3 assists in 18 games. Sick, “CR7” even missed the Selecao friendly match against Nigeria (4-0), last Thursday.

World Cup: Final Dedication

We won’t be showing all the team titles and individual trophies these two legends have collected, because the trophies are plentiful. It’s simple: they took it all. Almost everything. Only the world title resists them. The two have been dating since 2006 and their first engagement. They are now five. A rare feat.

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Polga came close to the cup in 2014 by failing in the final against Germany (1-0, with a foot). And “CR7” did not perform better than half in 2006 (losing to France 1-0).

An obstacle that can be explained by their aggressive imprint once they are out of the chickens. In the final stage meetings 8 (Messi) and 6 (Ronaldo), both players could not find the net. Anomaly these two strange bodies are determined to correct. For them, now or never.

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At the age of 35 and 37, Messi and Ronaldo participate in the last World Cup finals. The Argentine said that on Monday. And the Portuguese half-heartedly admitted it in his famous interview: He sees himself playing for “two or three more years, at most.” But if he wins the World Cup, he’ll retire… To take care of their exit, these two know the procedures to follow.

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