With Mecascape, Swiss Code 41 is shaking up the world of watchmaking

This morning the French will reset their clock, and if not automatically – the clocks of their oven, their wireless alarm clock, their programmable coffee maker, or their car to set them for the time of winter we passed tonight. A semi-annual ritual increasingly taking place alone, transparently, in disguise, on our smartphones and some of our connected watches. For the world of watchmaking, the transition to winter is also an opportunity to push its pawns and offer to change the watches at the same time as the time changes. single-sided mechanical or automatic quartz watch; A smartwatch like the Apple Watch on the other hand. The world of watchmaking is neglecting. Or rather it was played until a hooligan suggested a new way to “see” time by inventing Mecascape.

Code 41

Invented by the young Swiss brand Code41, Mecascape – shrinking mechanical sight, or mechanical sight – is not a watch, not a watch, not a pocket watch, even the slightest gem but a remarkable object of about 106 per cent .68mm that offers a true watchmaking innovation. “Fully mechanical, Mecascape proposes extending the movement and components on a horizontal plane rather than stacking them on top of each other, as is traditionally the case in a mechanical watch. Thus, Mecascape is a scene of watches that releases the elements that compose it into a new form that allows them to be disassembled, spread out and thus contemplated in their finest detail” , explains the company, which took twelve years to design this rocking project. The world of watchmaking.

It was developed in secret

In 2009, Claudio Demore, who had not yet founded Code41 and was a freelance designer for the largest watchmaking groups, had the idea to develop “an object that frees itself of codes and wrists, but at the time, the means to make it happen (team, partners, suppliers)” It didn’t exist yet.Code 41 was then created in 2016 to give access to beautiful manufacturing watches with an original system: bringing together enthusiasts around a watchmaking enterprise they pre-keep before it’s made.Success has existed for nearly 6 years, the brand has already convinced more than 500,000 members from all over the world to join its community and participate in the development of its products.”


Code 41

Thanks to this success, Claudio Demore can present and work on the Mecascape project in complete secrecy until December 2021. Pre-orders will open on November 2 for this luxury thing (CHF9,950) which opens a new chapter in the history of world watchmaking.

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