Windows 11 Released, KB5013296, What’s New?

Microsoft is releasing a new Windows 11 update, KB5013296. Targets computers registered on the DEV and BETA channels of the Insider Program.

In a few hours, Microsoft has become the original Several new updates. KB5013296 is a bit special. It is only offered as part of the Windows Insider Program. More precisely we are dealing with an update to the latest Windows 11 22581 Preview Currently offered through these two distribution channels.

Its installation allows the operating system to evolve into version 22581.200. This build number is important. He makes sure everything goes well. We can find it by running “winver.exe” with “Run” (WIN + R).

Windows 11 and KB5013296

KB5013296 does not bring anything new. This is a cumulative update designed to test the maintenance pipeline. The company explains

“We have started rolling out cumulative update KB5013296 (Windows 11 build 22581.200). This update does not include anything new and is designed to test our service pipeline for releases in the Dev and Beta channels. »

Obviously, all the bug fixes and improvements announced in version 22581 are shown here. On the other hand, be careful. History shows that this type of update that usually doesn’t bring anything new is likely to cause problems. For example, Windows 10 Build 21292.1010 caused x64 emulation error on ARM computers.

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