Windows 11, Microsoft inadvertently reveals the benefits of a local account

Windows 11, Microsoft inadvertently reveals the benefits of a local account

Microsoft wants Windows 11 users to prioritize using an online account, although the local account option remains available. In its explanations, the company inadvertently reveals the advantages of the latter.

Since its launch, Windows 11 has evolved with many new features, improvements, and changes. Some of these changes were to the installation process, with the aim of encouraging users to adopt an online account. According to the technology giant, creating an account online would provide the best possible user experience.

A Microsoft account has many advantages, especially if you frequently use the company's tools and services. It allows you to connect your computer to its cloud services, sync files across multiple devices, and sync settings across different computers. But by highlighting these advantages, Redmond also highlights,Unintentionally, the strengths of the local account.

Local account benefits include:

  • It is created directly on the device.
  • No internet connection required to log in.
  • It is independent from other services and not tied to the cloud.
  • It does not require an email address.

Interestingly, Microsoft provides a support document that explains how to switch from a Microsoft account to a local account. However, this document does not provide a solution to configure a computer directly by using a local account. You can either set up your computer with a Microsoft account and then switch to a local account, or just use a Microsoft account.

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