Windows 11, Microsoft continues to improve File Explorer

Windows 11, Microsoft continues to improve File Explorer

The latest preview of Windows 11 released on the Windows Insider DEV channel is improving File Explorer. It is the most used application for the operating system.

Since starting work around Windows 11, File Explorer has been the target of many improvements and new features. The most striking fact is the tab support. It’s a “small” revolution because it’s the biggest update in recent years. At the same time, Microsoft continues to improve its experience, improve its performance, and add new features.

Windows 11 – File Explorer supports tabs

The latest build offered through the Windows Insider Program benefits from search improvements. Now trying to be dynamic. Clearly when using the search module it is possible to see the results as you type.

On the other hand, beware, this online progress is being put together in stages, so not all users can try it yet.

Microsoft . defines

Searching in File Explorer will now show results as you type. The full search results page will be refreshed directly without you having to press the enter key. We’re starting to roll this out, so the experience isn’t available to all insiders just yet.

Redmond is also experimenting with adding more cloud files to search results.

Regarding bug fixes, Giant explains

As a one-time change to help users find their folders using Navigation Pane updates, if the default folders installed in File Explorer Navigation Pane are not installed, they will be installed again after the upgrade. We have fixed a memory leak that occurred when closing File Explorer windows.

Finally, there is a known issue, the error causes command bar items to activate like copy and paste and empty the trash. A fix is ​​under consideration but we don’t have a timeline.

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