Windows 11, it is finally possible to view the Wi-Fi password!

Windows 11, it is finally possible to view the Wi-Fi password!

Windows 11 users will soon be able to answer the popular question “What is the Wi-Fi icon?” The latest operating system preview published by the giant company has a new option to display saved Wi-Fi icons.

in condition Microsoft reveals that its teams have worked on this file. The idea is to better manage saved Wi-Fi passwords in Windows 11. If doubling up on Wi-Fi networks on a desktop computer is very rare, that’s not the case for laptops. So simplifying their management becomes “fruitful”, starting with the option to display them. It is part of Preview Build 23466 released through the Windows Insider Program.

Windows 11, How do I display the different Wi-Fi icons?

Windows 11 – Option to view Wi-Fi passwords for known wireless networks in Settings.

The option provides quick access to Wi-Fi passwords. The user is allowed to view their SSID keys in plain text by following a few simple steps. To do this, you must go to this address

Paramètres > Réseau et Internet > Wi-Fi > Gérer les réseaux connus.

In the list of known networks, select the SSID (the name of the wireless network) whose password you want to view to select ” Display the Wi-Fi security key The password will then be displayed in plain text.

This is an important change because until now accessing Wi-Fi passwords required navigating through the various menus and properties. For example, the Wi-Fi password for the network in use is hidden in the properties of the wireless device, and only visible by checking the “Show characters” box on the Security tab. Even worse, trying to recover other saved Wi-Fi passwords requires going through the Command Prompt.

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So this new option is welcome. It will save time. It is no longer necessary to search for information in its trunk or documents.

Note that in parallel, Microsoft is also introducing an End Task button on the taskbar and a new backup app.

Windows 11 – New backup app

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