Windows 11 build 23471 is rolling out, what’s new?

Windows 11 build 23471 is rolling out, what’s new?

A new preview of Windows 11 arrives through the Windows Insider Program. This release targets 23471 computers registered on the Dev Channel. It introduces many new features and fixes many bugs.

Microsoft offers a lot of things. We have bug fixes and many interesting new features. One of the most noticeable is the file explorer and gallery with greater precision.

Windows 11 Build 23471 – Add Phone Photos option in Gallery command bar in File Explorer

A new feature has appeared. It allows you to add photos from the phone in a simple and fast way. There is a new button in the command bar called “Add photos from phone” that allows you to configure your computer to display these photos in the Gallery. By clicking on it, a URL opens with a QR code that will be recognizable with the smartphone to start the process.

Note that it is no longer necessary to activate the OneDrive Insider Program to have the version of the OneDrive sync client that manages the named protocol when you click this button.

New natural voices in Spanish (Spain and Mexico) are available to the narrator. It makes it easy to browse the web, read and write mail, and more. They use text-to-speech on the device and once downloaded they are supported offline.

Windows 11 Build 23471 – Grid transition on lock screen

The pop-up grid on the lock screen is updated to adopt the Windows 11 design and feel. File Explorer improves its management of tabs with the ability to merge them, for example. On the other hand, this novelty is just beginning to spread. Therefore it is not available for all computers registered on the Dev Channel.

The Gallery in File Explorer, which first appeared with Windows 11 Build 23435, is now available for all PCs in the Dev Channel. Finally, Microsoft announced a new option in this title

Settings > Network & Internet > Cellular.

Allows the use of mobile Internet access if the available Wi-Fi network is weak.

Windows 11 version 2347, fixes, and known issues

For bugs, we have a long list of fixes. They aim

  • File explorer
  • Taskbar ,
  • search the taskbar,
  • and the narrator

We also have several known issues. It affects

  • search the taskbar,
  • File explorer
  • taskbars and system status,
  • notifications,
  • backup and restore,
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