Will a giant asteroid collide with Earth in 2046?

today’s subject. Recently, astronomers discovered an asteroid with a diameter of 50 meters that could collide with Earth in 2046, on Valentine’s Day, but the probability of a collision is very small.

Dubbed “2023 DW,” this orb was first spotted on February 26 by a small Chilean observatory. Should we be afraid of this asteroid? It should be noted that the odds are clearly changing very quickly in this area. On Sunday, March 12th, danger was approaching, we were talking about a 1 in 432 chance. And then, overnight, we went to a 1 in 1,584 chance that this asteroid would land on our planet.

The catastrophic scenario of an asteroid threatening to hit Earth often returns to the cinema. This was particularly the case in the movie do not search , on Netflix. The feature film tells the story of two astronomers who discover a comet heading straight for Earth, which no one takes seriously. In this comedy, there is a billionaire who manages to dissuade the government from getting involved, because he claims that there are very valuable raw materials on this comet.

Another phenomenon film on this topic catastrophe, Directed by Michael Bay, Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, Ben Affleck or even Liv Tyler. This time, it’s an asteroid heading straight for Earth. What’s exciting about this movie is that reality recently joined fantasy with NASA’s DART mission.

Why are we talking about it? How do you calculate the trajectory of an asteroid? Could the asteroid collide with other objects along the way? Do asteroids often threaten to collide with Earth? What would happen if an asteroid hit Earth? Another mass extinction?

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