Why we shouldn’t worry (also) about the asteroid “2023 DW” that will pass near Earth in 2046

deviation – The probability that this pebble with a diameter of 50 meters will hit our planet is 1 in 1000, according to the latest calculations by NASA.

Could an asteroid hit Earth in 2046? NASA announced on Twitter on March 7 the discovery of a near-Earth asteroid named “2023 dWhich would represent a small chance of a collision with Earth on February 14, 2046. The object is currently located about 20 million kilometers from us. It is currently the only asteroid classified as level 1 on the Turin scale, which rates the risk of hitting Earth from 0 to 10.

However, the US space agency wanted to be reassuring by specifying that the celestial body represents “Low chance of impact” On the ground. “Existing calculations show that the risk of collision is extremely unlikely and there is no need to attract public attention or concern.», NASA justifies itself.

no need to be scared”

For several days, the media has been concerned about the size of the asteroid and the prospects that NASA has published. According to the space agency’s calculations last week, the asteroid …

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