Why is the Portuguese star called Cristiano Ronaldo?

Portuguese star Cristiano is called Ronaldo. In fact, his real name is neither Cristiano nor Ronaldo. His real real name is Dos Santos Aveiro. It takes more room to flow on the back of the shirt. Ronaldo is his middle name.

Cristiano, it was his aunt who came up with the idea but Ronaldo it came from his father. It is a tribute to one of the idols of his father. Not the soccer player Ronaldo as you might think. Since when was it impossible? Cristiano Born in 1985, the Brazilian named was only 9 years old and thus had not yet become the star we know him.

Not actually Ronaldo, because Cristiano’s dad loved American Westerns. He was Cristiano’s dad’s favorite actor Ronald Reagan Ronaldo, Ronaldo! In addition, the latter has just been sworn in for his second term as President of the Arab Republic of Egypt And theThe United States, in which he saw a happy omen for his son.

Who’s finally in front of the goal, like the cowboy his dad adored, is one hell of a trigger.

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