“Who is there to say that Europe is afraid…”

“Who is there to say that Europe is afraid…”

Union Saint-Gilloise travels to Malmö on Thursday evening to definitively validate his ticket for the rest of the Europa League.

Union Saint-Gilloise can officially validate its European ticket for the second part of the season, Thursday night in Malmö. Are you starting to see the end of the feat?

Anthony Morris: It doesn’t matter if we finish 1Verse or 2e Collection. Given the current ranking, given the odds we pass, you take what you should take. Especially since we started working on these complexes, we have not had any commitment whatsoever in terms of arrangement. But it’s just that the appetite comes with eating. Even if we are in Malmö, what awaits us is a trap match against an avenging team.

The place you occupy, the fact that you are on the verge of qualifying while European leaders such as Monaco, Rome, Lazio, Olympiacos … are in tangible danger of moving to the Conference League, he says. current level?

Can I be frank? I don’t even know who’s in the other groups. The clubs you mentioned to me might have very complicated opponents, but I don’t know. Between all the games we play and my family, I don’t have time to care about it.

What I do know, however, is that we beat the Bundesliga leader at home (Editor’s note: Union Berlin) and that we picked up four points against an in-form team in the Portuguese Championship (Editor’s note: Braga). I talked about it with my selected teammates: He distinguished them, Leo Barreiro and Mathias Olsen, that we beat Union Berlin. My friend Thomas Meunier too, he’s the one who just lost there with Dortmund. Yes, that’s the kind of performance that took its toll. But hey, who’s there to say Europe is scared…

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But our squad is better balanced than last year, with a more complete bench that also made the difference in Braga. We have more consistency. This summer, in a friendly match, we were able to play Sporting or Feyenoord, which we beat 4-0. then…

Our victory over Union Berlin was a mark for the people

She has already played 22 matches and ten weeks in English since it resumed in July. Are you physically shocked?

It’s okay because we have a coach who was still a player not so long ago (Editor’s note: Karel Gerarts, who has played 39 European matches in his career), who knows how important explosiveness is to a player. We’re also getting off two days off, out there, while some coaches aren’t really fans of the holidays. It gives us this and it gives us one of these advantages… I, for my part, don’t consume much football once I quit training. Too much football can kill.

FC Brugge has just qualified for the eighth tournamentbe UEFA Champions League Final. What is happening in Belgium at the moment?

From what I see from the people of Bruges, and from what I know about us, renewal is above all that people now believe in. Previously, it was a big game against the little ones and we wanted to avoid getting tired so we could get the job done after a few days in the league. Now, with the new system and split points by two at the end of the regular season, we can invest more at the European level.

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Everyone tells us we’re behind on our heads, bruge and are we? no. We had many points at the same time last season. And we can finally focus on Europe.

I admit, I’m sick of Portugal

Specifically, between potential or proven Champions League entrants (Juventus Torino, Seville, Atlético Madrid, Ajax Amsterdam, etc.) and clubs already qualified for the 8be From C3 in March (Arsenal, Fenerbahce…), there is good linen. Something comforting this campaign…

We have to be careful not to disdain the teams in our group, one of which has just beaten Dortmund and the other that goes away on a regular basis in the Europa League. But if I had to choose, I like the big ambiance. So Marseille, Atletico or the English clubs… I would be interested. Going against Red Star Belgrade would be absolutely delicious.

I want to enjoy and believe in our opportunities. But when I see what we did against Brugge, going back from 0-2 to 2-2 in numerical inferiority (editor’s note: last week in the league), I tell myself we have exceptional personal strength. I take mental. Almost before the quality.

In the event that there is a positive result Thursday evening in Sweden, you are preparing for a rather exceptional spring between 8be Or a Europa League playoff (in the worst case, you’ll be taken to C4) and start the European Championship qualifying campaign with Roud Léiwen.

Stop! It’s so far away and that kind of thing, it’s so random. But I admit, as to the choice, I’m sick of Portugal. You’d better play against other teams for once. When I see my fellow Maltese FA (Editor’s Note: Teddy Thoma) facing England and Italy… he’s going to have a blast.

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Takes more goals? It annoys him, but…

Ittihad Saint-Gilloise (and thus its goalkeeper) conceded more goals than last season. In Jupiler Pro League, I have already collected 18 matches in 14 matches. Five more than last season at the start of the season. And Anthony Morris’s goal percentage in the Europa League isn’t crazy either: 6 conceded in four games.

Recently, Union won by a large margin in Ostend (1-6), but ceded a pawn at 89e Minute, when the score was 0-4, which was not necessary.

“I confess to you, that, on a personal level, it makes me royal … I lose Maurice. But I think about the collective. And we play every three days. Unable to correct mistakes. We make videos, but we don’t have time to apply that on the pitch. Then in addition, we must have a large rotation to ensure freshness. Plus, we’ve become one of the teams to beat. Everyone wants to give us a goal! “

it feels. Last season, during the first 14 days, he had already collected six clean sheets. He did half of what he did at the start of the tournament…

group d


6:45 pm: Malmö – Union

Berlin-Praga Federation


1 – Union Saint-Gilloise 10 (4; +3)

2. Braga 7 (4; +2)

3. Union Berlin 6 (4;0)

4. Malmö 0(4;-5)

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