Who is Nuno Tavares, the full-back loaned from Arsenal to OM?

Olympique de Marseille scored the arrival of Portuguese Nuno Tavares, on loan from Arsenal. The Portuguese hope for football, the left side was not convinced in the English Premier League with Arsenal and will seek to revive it in France.

Around the time of OM, Darko Lazovic will not join Ligue 1 during the summer transfer window. After this failure of the Serbs, the Marseille club reactivated the path to Nuno Tavares. If the arrival of the Portuguese defender was initially ruled out, it was completed rather quickly by the leaders of Marseille and President Pablo Longoria.

After failing to convince Arsenal to part with William Saliba once again, Marseille got their hands on a promising but still accessible player. A difficult season 2021-2022 blunder after moving to the Premier League almost a year ago.

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Pure Acer is able to assist on the right

At the age of 22, Nuno Tavares made a quick impression after making his professional debut with Lisbon Benfica. After a brief spell in the Portuguese D2 side with the reserve, the Portuguese restricted matches to the elite. Kevin Diaz, a judicious commentator on the RMC Sport’s Lucien League, recalled the impression the young team made when they started during the 2019-20 season.

Dream Team RMC Sport member said during his time at the club: “I commented on his first game with Benfica Lisbon. He came back to right-back when he was a left-back. He can play on both sides.” After missing this week. Play a little on the right at first and then on the left. And that is where he developed the most with Arsenal.”

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If OM on the right can count rookie Jonathan Klaus and Paul Lirola on the piston stop, Nuno Tavares on the left wing has a real card to play. In addition to Jordan Amafi, who did not convince him during his loan to Nice, and Sid Kolasinac is far from indisputable, the Portuguese should be quickly appointed by Igor Theodor in the Ligue 1. And once he gets his chance at 3-4-1 from the technician, he’s in charge of U21 International (8 picks) for long-term stability.

Athletic and fast character

In just 41 appearances in Portugal with Benfica’s first team, Nuno Tavares convinced Arsenal to invest eight million euros to carry him through the summer of 2021. With the unquestioned Kieran Tierney, it was clear that the Portuguese had a chance to try it out among Londoners. Able to put in a lot of effort, thanks to his above-average physical abilities, the full-back is supposed to make a real impact on his team. Enlisted in Marseille, Igor Theodore may have found the dignified soldier he wanted in Darko Lazovic.

“He doesn’t really have lateral measurements because he’s so tall. He’s a bit like Nordi Mukele, the RMC Sport advisor who has been further analyzed. He’s very fast and very powerful.”

Kevin Diaz added: “He has technique, like any Portuguese player who trained in one of the biggest coaching clubs in the world, just right. He walks fast, he has a fairly good left foot. He is very versatile.”

“He can confuse speed with acceleration.”

On paper, Nuno Tavares’ qualities should have allowed him to work miracles in the Premier League. Promising a bright future with the Gunners, as he had a chance to play despite competition from Kieran Tierney, the Portuguese failed to make himself indispensable. And in agreement with Mikel Arteta during the first months, the team was satisfied with a single pass. And after two consecutive defeats against Manchester United and Everton, mid-December, his coach sent him to polish the side lines. The foul, in particular, with a mediocre defensive effect and a very limited offensive contribution.

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“He can have a chaotic side in the last 30 metres. That may be why he can’t win Arsenal in the final,” warned RMC’s Kevin Diaz. He can confuse speed with rushing” This means that he can often make the difference thanks to his technical abilities. Above all physical. But in the last nod he could end up in the stands. Now he is also able to make assists and this is a player who is still in a post-training phase. . “

Good choice for OM?

After being briefly revived by Mikel Arteta at the end of last season, Nuno Tavares took the opportunity to score his first Premier League goal. But this was not enough to convince the Arsenal manager to trust him. In short, Nuno Tavares is a player with real potential but is going through a period of doubt at Arsenal. Having eliminated part of the defensive tasks with a three-man defense set up by Igor Theodor, the Portuguese will be able to restore confidence in his offensive qualities.

Kevin Diaz concluded, “It’s an interesting profile for Olympique Marseille. It’s a good idea from Pablo Longoria. I wouldn’t say it’s a mandatory success, but it’s a good idea. I know there’s a good relationship between Arsenal and Marseille. So they have the last two Arsenal full-backs with Sead Kolasinac who I expected success. Anyway, Nuno Tavares, it’s a good idea.

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