Who is Marco Ferri who enters the field with the rainbow flag?

Who is Marco Ferri who enters the field with the rainbow flag?

The Return of Mario Fury. Nicknamed “El Falco” (The Falcon), this Italian is very famous in his country of origin for his stunts on the soccer field. He couldn’t resist stepping into the scene World Cup 2022 in Qatarmarking the storming of the lawn during the match between Portugal and Uruguay on Monday 28 November.

On the occasion, he doubled down on political messages, waving a rainbow flag, a symbol of the LGBT+ community, and displaying messages of support for Ukraine and Iranian women on his iconic Superman T-shirt.

Mario Ferry, Intruder Chief

Mario Ferry has been improving his art for fifteen years. In 2014, during the Brazilian World Cup, he interrupted the match between the United States and Belgium with a T-shirt, this time calling for the rescue of poor children from slums.

During the previous edition in South Africa, he entered the field during the semi-final between Germany and Spain. “I got a photographer’s credit for entering the turf,” explained at the time.

At the moment, it remains unclear whether or not the Italian will be penalized for his movements in Qatar. After crossing the square twice, he was stopped and escorted by security men. In this small Gulf state, homosexuality is subject to criminal prosecution, and the ruling absolute monarchy has come under fire for its treatment of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender minority.

trouble with the law

On the other hand, Marco Ferri has already run into trouble with the law in another Gulf country, the United Arab Emirates. He entered the field in the Club World Cup final in 2010, contested between Inter Milan and Tout Boysan Mazembe, a Congolese club based in Lubumbashi. He had tried to escape from Abu Dhabi on a cruise ship before being arrested by the police. “I spent the day bound hand and foot.”He was exposed after his corrupt adventure.

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World Cup 2022: Matches and results for Monday, November 28th

His encounters with the law aren’t limited to his on-the-ground intrusions, however, as he filmed himself during a chase with police in the Italian city of Pescara at the time of his first arrest. “I needed to stretch my legs.” He justified himself in step.

If the Italian often takes advantage of his moments of glory on earth to convey political messages, he also finds personal interest there. This indeed Bring work and fame. Positive things, especially on the economic level. Now I am a person in life, I organize events and parties, I own a restaurant»explained in 2012.

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