“When the Seine overflows” Thursday March 9, 2023 in France 5 (Video)

“When the Seine overflows” Thursday March 9, 2023 in France 5 (Video)

Thursday, March 9, 2023 at 9:00 PM in France 5, Mathieu Vidard presents in “Great Format of Science” the unpublished document “When the Seine Overflows” that follows scientists working to understand the mechanism of floods and protect Paris from rising waters. .

The Concorde, the Hôtel de Ville, or the Louvre Museum were flooded … A hundred-year flood of the Seine, equal to or greater than that which occurred in 1910, is a very dangerous hypothesis that could have a very strong effect on Paris and Ile-de-France in Next years. Today, dozens of scientists are working on this great danger, exacerbated by global warming: understanding the mechanism of floods, measuring and predicting their spread with great accuracy, analyzing the role of groundwater, protecting metros or major museums, imagining a city able to withstand …

In the laboratories, researchers study water mechanisms on giant models and develop computer models of floods capable of measuring and predicting their spread. In the sky, IGN’s planes are working on maps that project the extent of flooding to the nearest metre. If over the years Paris strengthens its protection measures, the capital will be more fragile than it was a century ago, with underground infrastructures extending over seven levels. Engineers imagine different scenarios for the design of surface protection that will preserve the overflow networks of the Seine, which flood the metro … or the Louvre. But water can also rise from the basement: geologists are trying to understand how groundwater threatens the bowels of Paris. As for the architects and urban planners, they envision a flexible Paris, capable of letting water flow harmlessly.

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Using realistic special effects to tell the story of this horrific flood, this documentary shows what Paris would be like underwater, revealing what researchers and engineers are developing to protect us from. This documentary is also the story of Madeleine, a Parisian who is very attached to her cat…

Document written and produced by him Matthew Schwartz.

List of speakers:

  • My field is an oil rag Geographical
  • Frederick Gasch – Engineer – Great Sin Lakes
  • Frederick Darsow – Deputy Director of La Bassée Project
  • Pierre Jacques Le Dirac – the predictor
  • Samuel Andre Hydrologist
  • Pierre Tabary – Météo France – Trend forecasts
  • Jean-Michel Subero – French Meteorology – Scientific guidance
  • Pascal Legand Navigator photographer
  • Loic Gondol Lidar HD Project Manager – IGN
  • Zachary Rooster – Cartographer – IGN
  • Aurelie Nguyen – Louvre – Risk Prevention
  • General Serge Garrig – Former Chief of Staff of the Paris-Ile-de-France Defense Region
  • David Cortell – RATP – operating unit
  • Baptiste Vernest – Sewer network – Paris City Hall
  • Laura Fass – Responsible for Parispluie plan studies
  • Ines Engibault Hydrogeologist – Quarries Service
  • Nicholas Flipo – Engineer – School of Mines
  • Eric Daniel Lacombe – structural engineer
  • Fanny Delacroix – Project Manager – Grand Paris Aménagement.

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